KI Experiential:
Discovery Center

Desroches, Amirantes, Seychelles
The Assignnent:
To create an experiential Discovery Center highlighting the diverse ecosystems of the Seychelles.
The Location:
Desroches Island, located in Amirantes, Seychelles.
Desroches is the largest island in the Amirantes, Seychelles. It’s also a haven for land and aquatic wildlife.

In 2018, Four Seasons Resort opened a 5-star hotel there and Kaleidos Ink was asked to create printed fiberglass displays to highlight the importance of ecotourism in a Discovery Center.

KI created large hanging display boards in celebration of the little known natural history of the island, an exhibit that focuses on how Desroches fits into the wider story of Seychelles’ conservation.
Desroches, Seychelles
Discovery Center
Custom Fiberglass Designs